Task: Wallet Recovery

Task: Wallet Recovery

Happy Friday!!

In this task, you will recover a wallet using a backup mnemonic that will be sent to you by email within the next hour. The wallet will contain a single account with a particular sum of tokens. To successfully complete the task, you must send us back the total amount from that account (minus the fee used to submit that transaction).

NOTE: This task will expire after one week (end of day on March 8, 2019 UTC)! Last chance to request to participate is end of day March 6, 2019 UTC.

Task Instructions

  1. Check your inbox for an email with subject line "Task: Wallet Recovery". This email will have your unique mnemonic to use to recover your wallet. (If you did not receive an email and would like to participate, please message me before March 6th.)
  2. Use goal or the new Go SDK to recover this wallet and the account in it.
  3. Send all of the algos from that account to ours: NJY27OQ2ZXK6OWBN44LE4K43TA2AV3DPILPYTHAJAMKIVZDWTEJKZJKO4A
  4. We will validate by checking that the total amount + fee equals the original amount. Validation will occur periodically, so please be patient as we award badges. If you do not receive your badge within 48 hours of submission, please reach out to testnet-team@algorand.com
  5. As always, send us feedback! We would love to hear what you liked about this feature and/or what could be improved. Reply to this thread on Community or email us at testnet-team@algorand.com.


  1. Make sure you have completed all the steps here to get your node up and running.
  2. Check that you are running the latest version.


If using goal, recovering a wallet is very similar to creating a new wallet with an extra flag. Once you have successfully recovered the wallet, you will need to follow steps to create a "new" account to reveal the account with algos.

Why This Task Matters

The mnemonic is used as a backup to recover your wallet and funds, in the case where you lose access to your wallet (e.g. you forget your password, your hardware where it lives is destroyed). In practice, you should store it in a safe place, ideally offline, and never share or send by email.

Have Questions?

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You will earn the Algo Wallet badge for completing this task:


Hey Liz,

Do we need to send you the transaction ID after the task is complete or do you determine who sent the transaction based on the recovered account?

No need to send the transaction ID. We will determine who sent the transaction based on the recovered account.

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@liz is there possibility that they send me the wrong mnemonic? there is no account on that wallet… :thinking:

update1: nvm… i think i need to wait mynode to be fully sync first
update2: hmmm still no account on the wallet
update3: solved… lol

Just in case it happens to somebody else, how did you fix it?

Did you just create a new account?


@marmar yeahh… First i update my node to the latest ver. Then i make sure that everything is sync correctly. After that i import wallet based on the mnemonic, then i create new account based on the wallet that i had import. And then, the balance is there for me to sent.

done! not to forget deduct 1 for the fee.

Did I need to set my account online? Or did I squander a valuable token by doing so.

You did not need to, no. Going online registers your account so it can participate (propose & vote). Tokens are cheap now :grinning:


Thank you to all who have participated so far.

For everyone else, you still have 4 more days to complete this task!