Binance Tether support

I have contacted Binance through the support chat as standard exchange user, and asked them to support the Algorand network for USDt withdrawal… My argument was that it is much more efficient then other networks and other exchanges already support it… I have proved that with video Algorand Tether withdrawal from exchange to A-Wallet, QR tx to merchant, and back to the exchange - YouTube

The result was that it will be passed to the management. If successful, it should be announced the standard way as other binance features…

Perhaps someone from the algorand inc or algorand foundation should do the same, so that the management have other incentives such as official algorand support for this matter…


Algorand is a Sleeping Beauty now. Let’s hope the new betanet release will help to wake it up! But where is the Prince with the kiss? Thanks for your great work, Ludovit @scholtz !

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Making it easier for the customer to withdraw his funds works against the exchange interests. Their interest is that you will keep the funds on the exchange as long as possible, so that they can have control over more funds.

It’s true that as a customer, you have opposing agenda. You want to leave the funds ( ideally ) on your hardware device and move it to the exchange only when the transaction is going to take place. The fact that other exchanges supports that is a great incentive for them, as it would render their platform as inferior compared to the competition.

I think that it’s great that you’ve approached them as a consumer. Making more consumer-grade requests might help them to provide support for aUSDt.