USDC transfers to/from Coinbase

Algorand Foundation please please please work on enabling USDCa transfers to/from Coinbase. It would be a major milestone achievement in addition to what DEV team is doing.


I agree. This is extremely important for regular consumers to be able to transfer USDC to their wallets.

One idea: Start with Kraken. They might be more open and once they support USDCa, it is more likely that coinbase does it too.


My comment under Biran Armstrong’s announcement about supporting USDC on base.

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This is very interesting considering USDC is issued by Circle and Coinbase. So, they would presumably want to support the asset on Algorand. I wonder if the USDC on Algorand is real USDC or just collateralized USDC issued by a third party. For example, how do we know the USDC on Algorand was issued by Circle and Coinbase?

Because Circle says it here Algorand USDC | Use USDC-ASA on the Algorand Blockchain

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This is currently supported list of USDC networks on Coinbase. I can’t think of any reason why Algorand should not be in that list, technically Algo already integrated. It will give a boost to other ASAs as well from Algorand ecosystem.

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Oh ok. Nice. This is helpful. Thanks!

For sure. Right now, I think Coinbase still only supports ERC20 and SPL tokens for layer-2s. At least, last time I looked into it.

I just paid for coffee in London with my Coinbase Visa debit card using USDC, my only wish it was USDCa. Maybe If Pera Wallet could bring Debit cards to Algorand. I would use it to pay for everything, groceries and etc. even if they charge swap fees to go from Algo → USDCa via Tinyman. This is going to be real adoption and probably the first use case when distributed blockchain is used for payments without role of intermediary like Coinbase.


That’s a really interesting idea.

Yah it is crazy Coinbase does not
Support USDC on all the chain it is on to bring back to your account on Coinbase I am a big believer in stable coins as it like having the best Version of cash :dollar: if they don’t thank about this soon there will be a better option like xUSD from xBacked :slightly_smiling_face::grin: