Coinbase API Integrations?

First thank you all for the info here, I have been learning a lot!!!

I had a thought and was wondering if anyone has looked at the coinbase API and if it could be integrated into a DAPP for users who have Algo wallets there, but do not want to use the official wallet or algosigner, etc.

I have been learning about the benefits of the others, and now this is on my list of “What ifs” to explore.

I am on a mission to develop the most user friendly Algo Dapp possible LOL for science… and because my target user group … is … tougher with tech.

Unfortunately Coinbase does not have individual accounts for each user.
Instead, it pools many customers into the same hot wallet.
This would prevent (almost?) all dApps from working properly.

If you want to consider a custodial solution, you may consider Aikon ORE ID: Getting Started with ORE ID | Algorand Developer Portal

Thanks for the feedback, I was looking into ORE ID as well. Wasn’t sure what the fee structure was, they are not very transparent about that. At least I couldn’t find it. If you know this information that will help as well.

Definitely am looking at including several options so users of various skills can do the same thing.