Any Devs looking for ideas for dapps

Any devs out there looking for ideas? As much as i have grown fond of Algorand, I must say Ethereum has one of the more robust ecosystems. I wonder are their any devs out there making dapps outside of defi. Open source is a double edge sword to me. Yeah you can find bugs and help prevent hacks but you can also just copy and paste other people’s ideas. Really put in no thought was so ever. Short cut it i guess. I dont find that to be innovative. Need more original stuff in this space.

What type of application are you missing on Algorand?

A decentralized version of ticketmaster. Could cut out some of those crazy high fees.

Concert (or movie, sports, seminar, etc) tickets could be NFT’s, which could help prevent fraud or scalping.

This space is ripe for disruption. And its not just Algorand, blockchains in general need a variety of apps besides just defi, NFTs and games. You get mass adoption when you appeal to the masses and that comes through variety.

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I have just got super cool idea… (not just for this use case)

Mass addoption users do not want to remember mnemonics. To go around this we can use the 2FA mechanism described in the other thread… But instead of using the user mnemonic account, user can generate from the hash of his email, and password the sk account. The service provider would have the recovery account (3rd msig account) protected by ledger and not used much.

This way user would have to keep secret his password, email and authentication application, and technically he can transfer with these information the assets. But generic population is already aware how to manage the secrets or how to use the auth apps, so this might lead to mass addoption.

It is so easy application to build… The main challange here is how you will persuade the events to allow you to organize the events. This is where all those funds collected from crazy high fees go - to marketing.

Do you know some people who might be willing to organize events which are protected by decentralized database and pay for it?


Agreed. But your idea about SHA256(e-mail-username+e-mail-password+random_salt) is too easy to break.Think about the ususal passwords of 12345678.

But your idea is still a great idea which can be saved. Tha Android phones have cryptographically secure memory. E.g. they support FIDO U2F now.

So, if the user can create a multisig an account, where the signing is done by the phone. Again, the usual measures to protect the signing function: PIN, or biometric identification.

Now the question is, what happens when the Android phone is lost / stolen / destoyed / etc.?
Here comes multisig to rescure: the user could make a 2 of 3 multisig, and using the safely stored
3rd password the account could be recovered.

The second factor would be Google Authenticator code…

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Hmm good question, but no, i dont know anyone. I just have ideas, im sure somebody in the crypto space got enough clout to at least promote blockchain events and sell NFTickets. VC’s where are you, could you some help here.

A wallet that is supposed to store a live ticket is not as critical as a wallet that is supposed to hold several thousand dollars. Instead the application should just create a file with the mnemonic, protect it with a password (AES-256) and save it in the cloud for eventual recovery

Considers that this NFT value tends to zero when the event is gone

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This is not the same. In the event that the service provider goes dark, user have chance to transfer the asset. In the case of the multisig with 3 accounts, threshold 2 (email+password, google, service provider) , there is always way of recovery if any of the 2FA service or service provider is available.

In my opinion if you want o provide mass adoption service, you cannot rely on one raid not to fail.

Also notice that the service provider is not allowed to do transactions from the user account without user consent.
First account is protected by the password on user input, and second account is protected by auth app.

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When I say saving in the cloud I mean in your own cloud. All Android users and all iPhone users have some free cloud space definitely enough to keep a few bytes file

But I keep remembering that we are talking about live events, from when you buy the ticket to when it loses its validity passes from a few months to a few days, the chances of you losing the wallet in this small time frame and at the same time the provider goes dark are really small, and anyway you get back your ticket thanks to the file in the cloud

Do you trust the cloud? I have seen many leaked photos from the clouds…

Also for mass addoption, it would not be very ok to educate people to store their mnemonics in the cloud…

Damn you guys are going over my head. Haha. All i want is a decentralized ticketmaster. You have any ideas on how we could promote events. Hmmm what if like algorand’s decipher, couldnt they promote the dapp by telling people to buy their tickets on the dapp. Maybe release a token to help with funding. Any ideas, anyone, come on, there is way too many smart and creative people in the Algprand community, someone has gpt to have an idea how this could work.

I trust AES-256 protecting the file in the cloud with my password, but again I have to mention that we are talking about a wallet designed to hold low-value items for a limited period of time

this Algorand-based project decentralizes airline tickets, the problem and solutions must be very similar (you own the ticket so you can also resell or exchange it)