NFTickets anyone?

Just another idea. Hey,devs, Algorand, someone, why not build a decentralized “ticketmasters”. I bought some tickets for a concert not too long ago, and i was surprised at all the fees added on top of the tickets!
Gosh. if we could only take out the intermediary in ticket distributors. I get it, they are providing you a service, so I am fine with a fee, just not excessive fees.
concert, games etc could be a huge use case for Algorand.
Just imagine all type of ticket sale transactions on the chain. that would be huge. people are always buying tickets for something. Not too long ago Algorand did a plane ticket nft sale…wait, come to think of it, why not make a decentralized hotwire or expedia (or acquire some ticket distributor company and connect it to web3.) things like that will for sure bring traction to the chain. key is having everyday people use the blockchain without knowing it. NFtickets could have a lot of potential. tickets, people, tickets!