GP12 NFT Rewards Proposal - ALGOxNFT

This current period marks the second time we have distributed NFT rewards. We were allocated ~177k ALGO to distribute, and that has resulted in participating volume of ~568k ALGO. The current outcome marks a fantastic result for the program,

For GP12 we are trying something totally new that is much more inclusive and dynamic, we are eager to hear feedback on its design and look forward to the overall conversation!


Better idea this time! good work always innovating as the other marketplaces try and copy your original idea

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better than last period. i am not completely sold on tickets as a luck approach means it could leave a bad taste to those who in some sense “should” have won the pot tho.

i can see random people creating NFTs and selling them to friends to get tickets as now you can win by just selling some NFTs and dont have to be the one with the most volume. how do you plan to handle this? minimum sales volume to get tickets?

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I advocated for Rand to do this in the past so I like the idea. I didn’t like how they implemented it because their rules had weird hours and there was not a raffle leaderboard. Also the rewards were middling.

I think overall the focus on secondary is more important ATM as we’ve had way to many drops happen lately and it’s killed secondary as everyone is tapped out. I don’t like how this is primary only again.

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The minimum sales volume is interesting, what would you set the threshold at?

1000A should be good

thought about it more and i think any minimum is probably still easily gameable. think about a number and just do a shuffle with 1 NFT at that price… something like 5k is probably still better than nothing, but you should look at former rankings to determine how much volume might make the most sense. you could add something like 10 different unique wallets + 10 NFTs must be sold to make it again harder to game

also can you finally add a 2nd winner and not only one winner? it just sucks to see how 2nd position just looses so badly and it doesnt do anything for for the ecosystem to just support the 1st position

i thnk the min should be lower than 1000, maybe 100, not everyone has a lot of algo t spend