GP12 NFT Rewards Proposal - Rand

This quarter, Rand will focus on enhancing Algorand’s visibility and status across popular aggregators, including Crypto Slam and DappRadar. Our strategy is to focus on one metric: volume. By showcasing volume, we aim to attract the attention of NFT fans beyond our community. Let’s rise in the rankings to make a noise and impact outside Algorand.

Here is Rand’s proposal.


You mean largest buyers right? Or is it sales only the contribute to volume?

We’re focusing on sales volume from buyers

I feel like this is too similar to how AxN was doing their rewards competition…I for one already know I won’t make 1st or 2nd place, probably not even 3rd. What’s the motivation for smaller buyers to participate?

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Go big or go home.

One day, all the rewards, total madness.


For this particular quarter vs others, we decided to focus on sales volume in particular

the proposal is basic, and quite easy to cheat with using wash sales. the other issue is Rand has been unreliable, so it’s very risky for the community to fund them, rand drops was down for over a week! none of the other sites have had such problems…

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