Royalty payments for Algorand NFT collectors

Hello. I am looking to work with an Algorand Developer / Software Engineer to create a custom web application that enables the distribution of a royalty payment from every sale of NFT “X” to accounts holding any NFT with an asset ID that has been listed during the minting process.

I have outlined a use case example here

I currently have a catalogue of 700+ digitised artworks for use in the project. Ideally I’d like the solution to be decentralised and available for anyone to use in their own projects. However at this stage I just want to use it to test the model and see what’s possible. If you are interested in taking this project on or can offer any guidance via consultation please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading


Hi @wen-zen,

If you want take a look on an example about how to implement an on-chain royalty policy over a NFT, here is a proposal.

Of course this is not the unique way to do it, take it just a reference to avoiding starting totally from scratch.

Thanks Cosimo! Your solution looks great, the rewards pool idea is interesting too, I imagine it could provide a way to increase the amount collectors would receive.

The technical side of things seems way beyond my capabilities at this stage, however I’d like to keep moving forward with the project as much as I can while looking for a developer.

If I were to build the front end of the website, upload forms and input fields etc do you think it would be be possible to connect the app and contracts that users interact with at a later stage, or does it all need to be built together?

Yes, you can definitely parallelise that work packages, provided that you have the whole architecture defined, that is: how you interact with the dApp, which transactions or group transactions you need, who signs what, input fields for the dApp deployment by its creator and so on…

You can “plug” the dApp into the front-end after.

Great ok, thankyou. Way out of my depth here but will start with the architecture and keep working through the Reach Docs to see how far I can get.
Have made some progress in starting to raise funds for the project though with a few sales of Algorand NFT’s & ASA’s here on –– if that address ever holds enough Algo’s for you to build this thing for everyone to use, let me know Cosimo!