New UNIQUE Algorand-based DAO project

Hello new friends!! I have been around since the early days (I was one of the original Algorand Ambassadors) although my skills in the dev arena are pretty light, but have recently returned from an internet sabbatical and have created a new DAO project with a couple of partners and we are in kinda a weird spot…

Our project is called CraterDAO and was initiated by a friend and I after being DESTROYED by BOTH Celsius & FTX. The original purpose was to prevent future widespread losses for the “little guys” throughout the space by preventing & warning of any malfeasance on the part of centralized entities. Since then we have branched out and become what we are calling a “UDAO” or Umbrella-DAO with 4 main wings–the central and main one being the same as our initial purpose, the other two surrounding artistic pursuits & incubation along with platform sharing & boundary-stretching through developmental creations. Our fourth branch remains under wraps as its not certain & is still being discussed.

Anyway, we launched in Jan 2023 & have since developed a plan to do a governance+utility token release relatively soon, followed by a HUGEEEEEEEEEE NFT project that will span several artists over multiple years, then engaging in our security pursuits more directly (there is alot more to it but Im attempting to reduce the length of this post). This setup was planned in an effort to help us grow a very strong foundational community before pursuing our ultimate goals. However, now being in the pre-token release era we are struggling with 2 main issues:

  1. to grow interest quick enough so that our token airdrop & sales are a huge success

  2. we lack help in the dev/tech arena. We currently are relying on one of my partners who is a relatively experienced dev for everything and this will not be feasible as time continues… we had another dev who had to step down for personal issues & have been seeking a replacement or two but are struggling to find people experienced with Algorand/Pyteal AND solidity/EVM…

All that being said, I came here to both re-engage more with the community AND mainly to see if we could recruit one or two devs experienced with Algorand development who might be willing and able to assist us. We also would love any support in the realm of community growth if anyone has any silver bullets on em lol.

Let me preempt anyone’s response by letting you all know that our compensation package at present is primarily in equity (governance tokens) upon launch. However, if any of our current funding feelers are successful then we will adjust this if anyone wishes & offer fiat instead. We are seeking someone who is passionate about 1, growing the space, 2, building cool shit that improves the space, THEN 3, getting paid. Let me be clear though, regardless of whether it’s in NEB (our token) or in fiat–or in doll hairs for that matter–we are willing to make our compensation offers generous. We (me specifically) are willing to take a percent or two less ourselves if it means we can pay well for good work.

PLEASE, if this interests anyone in the slightest, please reach out to me (the community-oriented founder) via Twitter, Discord, or Telegram…all links below.

PS The benefit to the Algorand ecosystem as a whole is that we are keenly interested in onboarding Algo-unfamiliar people through our project… we are launching our token and DAO (fingers crossed for Headline’s new DAO tooling platform release) on Algorand first for that specific reason. We have ultimate plans to become multichain, but we have a passion for ALGO specifically and therefore wanted to make sure it is where we began!!

(make sure you use the number “1” for the “L” & use TWO “K’s”!)

Twitter: @simp1ejackk
Discord (CraterDAO official): CraterDAO
(personal): @simp1ejackk#9657
Telegram: @simp1ejackk

How do you want to manage your DAO? There is already implemented onchain voting tool -

Allows categorized delegation so that the economy for onchain voting is efficient, and its currently the only project which supports the encryption of the voting ballots for duration of the voting session…

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MAN!!! Man am I appreciative to be informed of this. I was completely unaware of this… I have been waiting on Headline’s drop of the full DAO platform called xGov TODAY!! lol

I am going to look into this link you sent me right now though.
Thank you so much for informing me of it!!

When you say “manage” what are you referring to specifically?

The DAO can cast multiple questions.

One question is regarding the treasury (money owned by DAO, mainly outflow) or some other questions, like how much do we want to charge for services, or what direction we want to go on and many different type of questions…

The vote coin currently works on the corporate type of structure… There should be some executives who have the multisig rights to the treasury account. Algorand provides the multisig features as layer 1 feature. It is implemented in AWallet, partialy on MyAlgo and soon in Defly.

Out of curiosity, what sort of artists (and genres of art) are you wanting to onboard?

We are looking for a variety… Are you an experienced NFT artist? We would love to get more info/see your work… Hit me on Twitter, TG, or Discord if you would like…

(at)simp1ejackk on the first two & (at)simp1ejackk#9657 on Discord.

If you feel more comfortable staying here that is fine as well, just more convenient through one of those to chat lol

Awesome. I’ll be in touch. Cheers