Looking for a developer - NFT project

Hi there!

We are a small team that have recently developed an NFT cards collection about human history: app.humanhistory.cards (**this is only the early access page but we’ve designed the final website)

We first though to mint HHCC on the ethereum blockchain, sell on opensea etc, but we’ve decided to change direction and host the collection on a better chain with a solid followers base, Algorand (we are early investors since private token sale).

We were hesitant at the beginning since it lacks of a widely used marketplace, that’s why we were going for ethereum, but we now would like to develop a marketplace inside our own website, for users to sell and buy their collectible cards directly through the site on the algorand blockchain.

We are looking for a developer to help us connecting our dapp to algorand and create the internal marketplace.

We have institutional partnerships to announce along the way and really think that algorand is the way to go.
Get in touch if interested!

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Hi there,

would you mind send me an email with your project introduction and your requirements to the devs you are looking for?
I’ll try my best to help accommodate your needs.

Hi Haichao,

Thanks for getting back to me, it’s great to know that the Algorand foundation is trying to support the ecosystem growth.
I will speak with our team and get back to you asap with our specific devs needs and a (as much detailed as possible) overview of the website we’re building for the NFT collection.

Have a great day,

No problem
Sorry that so far we can only handle these requests manually.
We are in the process of building an open venue to host requests from both projects and devs.
Aiming to have it early next year.

Haichao i am also trying to build an NFT platform on Algo. I’d love to chat and get involved in whatever way possible.

Would really like to talk and team up with you on this.

Check this page for any tracks that you might be interested in:GitHub - algorandfoundation/grow-algorand: Grow Algorand and Earn ALGOs ❤️

Feel free to directly contact me as well