Opportunity for a Dev interested in unlocking homeownership

Algo Fam,

I’m a co-founder of a startup that makes it easier to buy and own a home with friends, family, or a loved one. We’re looking for an experienced developer to build out our platform on the Algorand blockchain. We’ve chosen Algorand based on alignment, conviction in the protocol, and belief in the team.

About us:

  • Unlocking homeownership & wealth creation is our jam
  • Based in Seattle, WA
  • Ecstatic customers and growing demand
  • Robust B2B ecosystem (90+ pros across lending, RE, law, tax & accounting, insurance)
  • Deep domain expertise (55+ years in finance, markets, RE, insurance)
  • Ambitious product vision

If the above resonates, let’s connect.


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I am not a developer but QA Tester and I would be glad to contribute as a QA Tester

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Thanks, Nitego! That’s awesome and appreciated. We’re not quite ready for QAT just yet, but I’d definitely like to stay in touch. Perhaps I can reach out when we’re closer to that time?

If you meet any devs who you think might be interested in talking to us, please reach out! Thank you.