Building a commercial real estate marketplace

Hello all,

I am the founder of a commercial real estate company and we are looking to build out a marketplace for investment grade assets. We have been in business around 30 years and we are looking to pivot.

I would like to build off of the Algorand blockchain, most likely will need to mint security tokens, and understand this is a big undertaking.

Our problem is that we are not developers and despite me wanting to learn and as hard as I try, I know there are better people out there. We are real estate experts and understand the facets of all the unique property that are out there. This is what we do well.

For someone coming into this space, are there any referrals people can give me to reach out to companies who would work as a vendor as we build out this new idea? They would need to be familiar with Alogrand, familiar with the mechanics of creating a marketplace that would need to be recreated for the various properties we work on.

I’ve been searching for the past few months and everyone I run into is an ‘expert’ until we start talking about what is needed in terms of development. I figured it couldn’t hurt to go straight to the source,



Have you met Slicespace or spoken with them?

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I have not! - I am open to any leads people provide. We’re not in a rush and looking to do it right. Thanks for the referral!

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Slicespace has already started this similar idea and is raising money and building! You may want to chat with them to see how your ideas differ or maybe there is a chance to collaborate and help each other. Just a thought! On twitter @slicespaceapp or contact @justrightjacob

May be a really good starting point for you!

It is, thank you! - They are doing things differently and their model is not how we intend to move forward. I do appreciate you sharing though!

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In terms of platform modeling, I would suggest checking out They are residential, but they have a really smooth interface.

Thank you, I agree, I think their UI is spot on

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I’ve been working on similar things but on other type of asset, interested to learn more about your requirements and my telegram is @endgamebro :wink:

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