Block count stuck at 636047

Hi everyone,
i’m having troubles keeping up with the ledger. I’ll paste my goal node status -d .

Last committed block: 636047
Time since last block: 0.0s
Sync Time: 0.0s
Last consensus protocol:
Next consensus protocol:
Round for next consensus protocol: 636048
Next consensus protocol supported: true
Genesis ID: testnet-v1.0
Genesis hash: SGO1GKSzyE7IEPItTxCByw9x8FmnrCDexi9/cOUJOiI=

My node version is 2.0.5
I started another node with a different folder and the same genesis of testnet. It got stuck at 636047 aswell. Even a third node on the mainnet got stuck at that block.
I don’t understand why it would not go any further. Thanks for any suggestion.

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Can you post the output of algod -v

Sure here it is:

2.0.5.stable [rel/stable] (commit #8b0be452)
go-algorand is licensed with AGPLv3.0
source code available at

Thank you

You are on the wrong consensus - although I’m not exactly sure how, did you install via package or shell script?

Last consensus protocol:

Next consensus protocol:

Round for next consensus protocol: 5677902

I’m not sure because i’m just accessing a remote machine given to me by my university. What could be a fix for this?

Thank you

If you have the rights to do so, stop the algod process, and make sure it isn’t still running (using pkill if necessary) then start it back up.

I’ll ask my sys admin right away and report back to you asap.
Thank you

We did a good ol’ sudo systemctl stop algorand and then sudo systemctl start algorand but nothing changed.

Interesting, well, for the node, try shutting the algod off again and then perform an update again of the package. A few other things to check after that are whether the data directory is properly configured in the service or in the env - and checking the node.log and host.log outputs for specific errors messages you can share here.

If that doesn’t work, perhaps a member of the Algorand team can provide some assistance. (@JasonW)

In the meantime, if you are stuck for a project, I recommend the sandbox project for working locally with the software (

Will try. In the meantime i started a node on my personal computer and it seems to be catching up. I’m well past 1.6M blocks now. Will it work to zip the node folder once i’m done to the remote computer and keep on from there?