Can’t generate test acount on SandBox

Hi everybody,

I am following the pyteal getting started tutorial from the portal video
When I run this code from VScode in order to create an account on Sandbox, it does’t print account information:

from algosdk import account, mnemonic

def generate_algorand_keypair():
    private_key, address = account.generate_account()
    # print(address)
    print("My adress: {}".format(address))
    print("My private key: {}".format(private_key))
    print("My passphrase: {}".format(mnemonic.from_private_key(private_key)))


it execute without erros but it doesn’t show the account information:

devuser@190 test % /usr/local/bin/python3 /Users/devuser/Documents/algorand/test/
devuser@190 test % 

then I tried:

  1. if the Sandbox is running ok with ./sandbox test and is ok
  2. If the python SDK is ok with:
from algosdk import account, encoding

# generate an account
private_key, address = account.generate_account()
print("Private key:", private_key)
print("Address:", address)

# check if the address is valid
if encoding.is_valid_address(address):
    print("The address is valid!")
    print("The address is invalid.")

the code above throw:

Private key: nGLNEBp6tVxiEy2ExDMONdFCEYQD5hQw3r7DmNjdRR3V24gG5aEH5E9n72NSVU+TmGBsbM/AJDFziP4gbWsiyA==
The address is valid!

Any idea why I can’t create test account on sandbox?


The issue is that


is indented too much.
Replace by: