Querying optin accounts to an application

Hello guys, just a question

it is possible from client code to get the accounts that opted-in to a particular appId?


Yes, it is possible. … here is same sample code that goes thru the Application Life cycle. I stopped it after opting in, (if you let it run all the way thru, It will delete the application). This opts in for the creator account and a user account in the example.

Here is the REST API endpoint and I did see the info in the response you are looking for…

What language are you using?

The latest REST API file for Indexer can be found here:

Here is an image of the response using postman. There is a run in postman button on this page btw…


Thank you very much, i will explore the indexer API.
However I guess the indexer at BETANET is broken now?


Responds with:



Are you sure this is a valid application ID?
Can you show the transaction ID creating it?

Hi @fabrice,


BetaNet Indexer has been unable to process new blocks since the first of two recent consensus updates, I would recommend developers work in TestNet or their own local DevNet.

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