Can’t get Algo from Huobi to Coinlist


I’ve sent the Algo from Huobi to my Coinlist wallet but still can’t get a transaction. Can I ask what can I do with this problem?


Thank you.

Hi, @Andr969 , welcome on the Algorand Forum!
Your transaction was executed without any problem, see e.g.:
your tx

Are you sure you sent it to Huobi ? Algorand Account seems to be multisig address

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I’ve sent transaction from Huobi to Coinlist wallet, but still nothing.:frowning:

I suggest you contact coinlist and proof them that the algos are sitting on your deposit account. make screenshot of your deposit account, and send them the link to algoexplorer.

Ok, will try.:frowning: Thank u very much and have a good day.:muscle:

Hello! I am experiencing the same problem, but the transfer was made from Binance to Coinlist. The tx is completed on blockchain, but no Algo in Coinlist wallet. I tried to contact the Coinlist Team, but all they do is apologize and give me no solution. Did you manage to get your ALGOs in wallet? If yes, how did your problem got solved? I am waiting for almost 7 days and still nothing.

Hi, I’m waiting 5 days already and still nothing. Looks like a scam.:frowning:

It is very shady indeed, it never happened on any exchange before. The fact is AVAX deposit worked without problem and withdrawl of GOG was on point. I think they have liquidity problems on ALGO. I will keep you in touch if it is any changes to my balance.

Ok, thank u. Will do the same.:handshake:

in @Andr969 case there is no way it is liquidity problems… the algos are sitting in the account he made a deposit (TSCS…WYOM)

@Cryptonite … feel free to share your tx

Hello, but I still didn’t get Algos on my wallet.
Looks like Coinlist is a scam.:frowning:


I found this on the Coinlist website. But anyway looks like a scam.

just make sure that account PF5ECQ3WBI7SRKOT3HSTJC6ELWUFT2WTSIYNHFNDLZ63QFE7QJHLJZS5SM is the same that you were suppose to send it to… Algorand Account

if yes, i would contact the one that made you to send the algos to that account that he did not process the transaction on his side

The account is the same, of course. I contacted the support team, but no specific answer. They just throw excuses and say the fault is on their end indeed. I have done houndreds of transfers on many exchanges, but I never encountered a problem like this.

Hello mate! Just got my Algos back. How are u?

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Hello! I got mine too, thanks for the update. I did not tried to withdraw yet, so not sure if it will be the same situation.

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