Cannot acces funds on My Algo Walle


I can access my algo account, but the algo coins on my main wallet seem to be stuck. I cannot send nor receive any. The icon next to my wallet changed from a wallet to an eye.

I made a new wallet to check what the problem could be and on this new wallet, everything seems normal. But I cannot even transfer coins from one wallet to another. I tried making a purchase and Bleumi doesn’t recognize my main wallet.

What can I do??

Thank you!

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What type of wallet do you use? I suppose that the default Pera Algo Wallet.
An eye signifies that it is a WATCH account. Try to recreate the account, by entering the passphrase again.

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Hello! Thank you kindly for your help! I made a new account, transfered my algo wallet there and now it works!

Best wishes,

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