Cannot construct transaction: asset ID not found in account, but can transfer it from that account?

So I have a bunch of assets that are created by a smart contract per innerTxn that is called by another smart contract. The mutable addresses are set to the Global.creator_address. In a grouped transaction the ASAs are opted-in by the address representing the Global.creator_address and then sent per clawback to the same address.

So far this works automated and
goal node info -a Global.creator_address
shows that the asset is also held by the account. goal asset info also verifies that all the addresses are set to the intended address. I can transfer the ASAs from the account to other accounts and back with and without clawback transactions.

In a postgres attached to an Indexer running the ASAs are also displayed in the correct account.

However, when I try to configure the ASAs I am getting the error:
goal asset config --assetid ### -n test --manager Global.creator_address
Cannot construct transaction: asset ID #### not found in account Global.creator_address

This is all on a test environment, however manually created ASAs can be configured.

Solved it myself did not now that I had to specify the creator on every Assetconfig as well, when the Manager =/= Creator

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