ASA created from inner transaction does not appear in explorers

I am creating an ASA dynamically in a smart contract using an inner transaction similar to what was posted previously. It seems to succeed, but something is wrong with the resulting ASA. Viewing the asset in GoalSeeker, a 502 error is thrown when retrieving the transactions. AlgoExplorer simply gives a 404 for the asset. What am I doing wrong?

    asset_id = ScratchVar(TealType.uint64)

    def mintNft() -> Expr:
        return Seq(
                    TxnField.type_enum: TxnType.AssetConfig,
                    TxnField.config_asset_total: Int(1),
                    TxnField.config_asset_decimals: Int(0),
                    TxnField.config_asset_name: Bytes("Nifty"),
                    TxnField.config_asset_unit_name: Bytes("NFTY"),

Can you please provide the transaction ID of the transaction used to generate the asset?


@fabrice Would it be better if I started a new topic for this problem?

I’ve moved to a new topic.

Your asset is created properly according to the indexer:

$ curl -s 1 | jq
  "asset": {
    "created-at-round": 19198263,
    "deleted": false,
    "index": 62426384,
    "params": {
      "decimals": 0,
      "default-frozen": false,
      "name": "Nifty",
      "name-b64": "TmlmdHk=",
      "total": 1,
      "unit-name": "NFTY",
      "unit-name-b64": "TkZUWQ=="
  "current-round": 19226245

However, it looks like and GoalSeeker do not support such ASAs created via an inner transaction.

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Hi @funk , our indexer supports it but the front-end doesn’t yet.

We expect to have inner txs UI available, at most, on next week. And also improve asset verification.

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Thank you both for the info!