Endless "Creating Asset" Message & "Forbidden" Error with AlgoSigner

I have been trying to create an ASA for 2 days now using AlgoSigner in mainnet with no success. Every time I attempt to create the asset, the “creating asset” message runs endlessly and it will not create the ASA.

Since last night, I can’t even get as far as the “creating asset” message, and the words “forbidden” appear, no matter what I do.

I would be thankful for any suggestions!

Can you share your code? I’m happy to help here or in Discord. Have you looked at the sample dApp here - AlgoSigner dApp | Asset Create ?

I just ran through it and everything worked fine creating this asset (GoalSeeker by PureStake | Algorand Block Explorer)

Looking at the logs, I’m betting you are running into rate limit issues, i.e. you are making more than the allotted number of transactions in each time period. This is likely something you are doing in the code that makes rapid fire requests over and over and doesn’t give the request budget time to refill.

Alternatively, in some cases, users have large number of assets loaded and use up the budget getting details.

Thanks for your reply. I am trying to run only one transaction at a time to mint an NFT.

I am not entering any of my own code and am using just Algodesk → “Asset Manager” → “Connect with AlgoSigner” → “Create Asset” (on Mainnet).

Then I fill out the fields that are presented to me, and press “create”. Any of the following happen:

  1. I get a long “creating asset” message that never results in an ASA creation.
  2. I get the “Forbidden” error, even though I am entering everything correcting.
  3. AlgoSigner tries to authenticate and cannot, or takes a long time to authenticate, resulting in the same “creating asset” message.

I have tried in Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

There is a thread on Reddit going with others facing the same issue. One person found a work around of using MyAlgo, instead of AlgoSigner, but I’m not sure how to integrate this into the process.

Thank you.

Interesting, it just worked for me fine on AlgoDesk for TestNet but failed in the way you describe for MainNet. I’m not sure how AlgoDesk is coded but I’d bet somewhere between how it manages the calls and the network protections on AlgoSigner’s API there’s a misfire.

I’ll check in with the developer next week. In the meantime you can repurpose the dApp listed above to work with MainNet instead of TestNet with some minor code tweaks.

On a second test it did go through - GoalSeeker by PureStake | Algorand Block Explorer -

The issue is for sure at the API firewall and how many times it’s getting called though -

Thanks for looking into this, Tim, and for your help.

I am not a programmer and would not know how to go about repurposing the dApp, and where it would need to be plugged in.