Capturing Chain State Or Snapshot On The Fly

Trying to input data onto the chain using a stateful smart contract and use this data to get ASAs and/or Algos to the address of the sender of this data. The first option is to deploy a smart contract first, and then put logic that intermediates this process, however, I do not intend to create a smart contract as the application creator because I want to save on storage fees plus it adds an unnecessary third party(myself). The alternative option for this case is to let the party inputting the data to make an application call with the create param to create a smart contract and enter the data into the smart contract using the arguments array, after getting ASAs or Algos to the address based on the rest of the contract logic, the smart contract caller can finally call DeleteApp and delete the smart contract history and that of the occurred transaction it participated in. However, one issue here is, I still want to be able to get a record, and as such, is there a way to capture this moment or state when the smart contract was created to when it was deleted, and store it offchain? This is instead of querying the smart contract and its details, after all it all got deleted to save storage space. Are there tools of any kind to capture this state and use it for records or additional logic?

The application creation and deletion are application transactions that are on the chain forever. If you have the appid you can look up these transactions with the indexer using this call indexer - Algorand Developer Portal with the application-id query parameter.

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