Choice Coin: A Solution to the Decentralized Governance Problem

Choice Coin is an open-source project built on the Algorand Blockchain as an ASA. Built with the community’s support, Choice Coin represents the next level in capturing Algorand’s technical edge. A token built for democracy, Choice Coin powers voting algorithms that hope to fundamentally change how large-scale decisions are made

Choice coin has a real life use case and is not just a coin but a way of life. Decentralised decisions have been an issue in the blockchain world and Choice coin seeks to make this a thing of the past.

It will be used in every sphere of life and that’s what makes this coin so special. The value which it seeks to create is something that will be used in years and years to come.

With an ever growing active community, the owners Brian Haney and Archie Chadhaury have built a project which everyone is a part of and that’s the very essence of what Choice is all about.

Choice coin Voting powers democratic crypto atmosphere, based. on the algorand blockchain which gives users more power and freedom to impact on the project.
Choice coin is a very nice and promising Project thats ITS THE FUTURE
Choice voting software is centered around concentrated Decisions, an open-source voting software that allows organizations to make decisions in a distributed manner through democratic way (voting)
This documentation introduces new and many people to Choice Coin, even as additionally presenting records at the centered Decisions.


We are excited to announce we have allocated 6,000,000.00 Choice for grants to specifically encourage new female developers to build on Algorand. (Program Details)

Women can also checkout the Vote Coin engagement programs: Engagement Programs - VoteCoin

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