Choice Coin DAO R&D


The Choice Coin DAO is a leading R&D platform on the Algorand blockchain. The project started as the top prize winner at the 2021 MIT Bitcoin Hackathon after solving the Algorand DAO Challenge. The goal for Choice Coin is to build great governance technology for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

The largest open source project on Algorand, Choice Coin is committed to creating opportunity for developers and inventing the best voting technology. The Choice Coin DAO has over 80 contributors on GitHub and 32,000 users on AlgoExplorer. Choice Coin software is open source and available through the Apache License and the MIT License.

Open Source Software

Smart Contracts | Decentralized Decisions (dApp) | Voting (docs) | NFTs | Compliance | Choice v1 | TinyMan Wrapper | Machine Learning | TEAL | Algorand Protocol | Reach


  1. Decentralized Decisions on Algorand with Choice Coin, SSRN Paper No. 3,913,316 (2021).
  2. Smart Contracts on Algorand, SSRN Paper No. 3,887,719 (2021).
  3. Algomy: Predicting Algo Price, SSRN Paper No. 3,939,208 (2021).
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  5. Cryptosecurity: An Analysis of Cryptocurrency Security and Securities, SSRN Paper No. 3880112 (July 4, 2021).
  6. Choice Coin White Paper, GitHub (2021).
  7. Quantum Voting in Reach for Ethereum and Algorand, SSRN Paper No. 3860914 (June 5, 2021).

Patent Applications

  1. U.S. Patent Application 17,375,542, Algogeneous smart contracts (2021).
  2. U.S. Patent Application 17,410,676, Decentralized voting using quantum intelligence (2021).
  3. U.S. Patent Application 17,483,297, Deep intelligence for decentralized finance (2021).
  4. U.S. Patent Application 17,559,519, Voting using Choice Coin on a Blockchain (2021).

New Paper

Choice Algonomics, SSRN Paper No. 4,048,517 (2022).

New Papers
Bitcoin Choices, MIT Bitcoin Expo Hackathon, SSRN Paper No. 4,103,448 (2022).
Choice Coin v2, SSRN Paper No. 4,111,692 (2022).

Choice Coin v2 | Apache License
Converter | Apache License
Bitcoin Choices | MIT License


Update on Choice Coin: Choice Coin DAO is rebranding to Choice Coin DAN.

New Choice Coin Research Papers

Ayuba Ezekiel and Muhammad Mungadi Ismaila, Introducing Decentralized Decision To Our Institutional platforms: Algorand and Choice coin (2022).

Statistical Securities Compliance (2022).