Choice coin description

Choice coin description

Choice-coin is the digital badge of the new world, it is essentially a democratic programming which controls the Fortior democratic convention, it exploits the unchanging algorand blockchain framework and quantum figuring to offer the best surveying component for its clients in the convention. the fortior democratic convention has produced a great deal of reception since it hit the grounds running.

What’s choice coin

Choice coin is an open source, and exceptionally decentralized blockchain project planned with state of the art devices to improve surveying and assist members with getting to the fortior convention while incorporating into their local area as an open source digital token, Choice Coin’s product is accessible under the Apache License.

Why choice coin is set to be a distinct advantage in the DeFi/cryptocurrency industry.

● The choice coin is refined to advance total decentralization which has sidestepped the system for at some point, with a successful portrayal of clients votes through a majority rule surveying strategy that will totally characterize administration for all.

● The choice coin takes into consideration an absolute open turn of events, this infers that members can without much of a stretch foster both on the choice coin substrate just as its relating convention.

● Decision making measure is improved as coin holders are permitted to survey on allotments that could assist with realizing vote based causes and help other associated associations.

● It is refined on one of the first class blockchain framework of the advanced age, algorand which is exceptionally open source and unadulterated evidence of stake convention that empowers the formation of items to overcome any barrier among decentralized and customary finance.

Choice-coin is the most recent in the long queue of cryptocurrency that is made to reform decentralized finance and totally sway how clients from one side of the planet to the other connect with the blockchain, smart agreements and financial conventions for a more useful crypto investment.


Choice-coin is the virtual cash to intensify clients interest and voice as respects to popularity based democratic, it is open source, adaptable, and supports on chain advancement just as its comparing convention. What separates the choice coin from contemporary cryptos is its ownership of exceptionally clear destinations and use case, combined with a tireless group of engineers attempting to guarantee the life span of the ITEM.


Hi @Unclenono … welcome to the community…

what has motivated you to write this post? Have you seen AMS0001 ?

The difference between Choice coin and AMS-0001 standard is

  • you can delegate your vote in knowledge based manner in AMS-0001
  • it has working implementation on the mainnet / testnet / sandbox
  • it is true knowledge based pure democratic voting system
  • does not rely on how much coins you buy that much power you have
  • have different extensions (1 person = 1 vote, 1 coin = 1 vote, delegation,…)

This is not an accurate description of the differences, @scholtz. You can learn more about Choice Coin using this LINK. More generally, your proposal is a solution shopping for a problem, where Choice Coin is a problem oriented voting mechanism. In other words, we have designed Choice Coin to solve real problems in voting security, while allowing a flexible approach to identify and solve problems faced by consumers in the market.

Hello @scholtz thanks so much for the reply, well what motivated me per say was the big dream behind choice coin…it’s a big innovation in the crypto world which is still infant as of now…but trust me, it’s gonna be so massive in times to come…

Well haven’t read much on Ama00001…but I would love to educate myself much more on that…however here is my choice coin address👇


I would be so happy if the community can help me with some coins thanks you😁.

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