Regarding governance

If algorands governance is based on 1 algo one vote then it’s definately not going to work…

Reason#1 The rich gets to control network
Reason#2 The network would become communist
Reason#3 The network would not have equality amongst people.
Reason#4 The networks decisions would be based on special interest of the selected group of people who hold significant amount of algorand.
Reason#5 The networks future would be pointless and baseless as governance would not have power to issue grants to develop furthermore.

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See: Choice Coin: A Solution to the Decentralized Governance Problem.

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I have gone through the article and I saw the technology and inspiration behind choice coin… I really love it. I suggest that we spread this technology to the ends of the earth. So many people don’t understand the importance of this coin so they tend to ignore. The number of people that actually downloaded the article to read are not up to 600 and less than 2000 people read the abstract.
I really love to be apart of this great innovation



Good job guys, we are always following you with all you do

Choice coin gives me the power to really explore what Algorand stands for: The Power to vote and make choices. This is the very embodiment of what the Algorand Ecosystem stands for and Choice is at the very forefront on this! OWQVOC45NXVF6QUCKKGOHFBIOC26RPM6YOXCOK7OM2I5M542EHRMXYH45Y