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A new category devoted to the discussion of onchain voting in support of new community rewards and incentives.


Amazing path towards governance decentralisation. Is there a beta wallet available to experiment the voting process ?

Excellent direction to be heading! Other coins have no idea how to incentivize voting due to fear of automated scripts that will randomly vote just for rewards. Locking the coins for one year will help induce scarcity which will help push price up. This governance model is a great start however I feel it is also over complicated in some parts. It is ok that consensus can be complicated because it is carried out by computers; however can the governance model be simplified? I like the locking, but what if voting wasn’t incentivized? How else do you stop the bots from auto picking random options in exchange for additional rewards?

Enthusiastic as well about this! This is really consistent with Algorand’s vision, it only makes sense that the Foundation isn’t the only one to make important decisions on the projet.

Is there already a rough roadmap? When should we expect to see governance introduced on the -Nets?

We whould have a webinar to explain how to participate.
Tks !