How can community members create new governance proposals for future voting?

Just finished my first governance vote, which is great! It’s a good start for opening up network governance to decentralized community members :100:

I have two questions for the Algorand Foundation team and informed senior community members:

  1. What’s the process for an interested community member to socialize potential governance ideas and initiate proposals?
  2. What are the available network parameters which are ready for governance changes? For example, grants size and areas, open relay node incentive parameters, compensation for engaged community builders, etc.



Welcome to Algorand!

Currently, the best place to discuss governance is the #governance channel of the Discord server: Algorand

Thanks @fabrice for the pointer! Discord convos are usually quite adhoc and easy to be lost/disrupted, which is not ideal for discussions that are important to be visible for public information. I think my questions are quite basic and there should have been some public documentation or FAQs to answer them.

Welcome abroad mate, glad you have taken this step.