Choice Coin Gold Badge

Choice Coin Gold Badge

Task: Set up a Decentralized Voting Application (dVapp) using Choice Coin with a video demo on YouTube.
Description: Download the Choice Coin Voting repository on GitHub (LINK). Run the code according to the documentation. Make any desired improvements. Use the software to cast a real vote. The vote can be for a business decision, political election, Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), or even a decision among friends or family. Upload your code on GitHub with a link to a YouTube video presenting the vote and the results. The software may be run on either TestNet or MainNet. This project requires some knowledge of Python and the Algorand Python-SDK (GitHub) (Docs).
Submission: Submit your repo and video links through the Choice Coin Discord (LINK), post it below as a comment on this topic, or send an email to
Reward: 425,000.00 CHOICE
Questions: Post questions here or in the #GoldBadge channel in the Choice Coin Discord.
Open Source Initiative: Contributions should include the MIT License (LINK) and may be added to the Choice Coin Official GitHub (LINK).

Limited to the first 10 winners
Choice Coin Participation Website (LINK)
Choice Coin on AlgoExplorer (LINK)
Decentralized Decisions on Algorand with Choice Coin (LINK)
Get Choice Coin on TinyMan (LINK)
Python for Beginners (LINK)


The Gold task is still on guys. Get in now


This is the opportunity to hold something huge!


To the moon :rocket: forever on top

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This is massive. All the best to the participants.

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Great one… Time to jump on it

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Wow … Great project with Maximum potential to moon

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is the challenge still on?

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Yes. The project is still on.


For more rules and details, be sure to check the #GoldBadge channel in the Choice Coin Discord (LINK).

#Choice #Algo we move

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Don’t miss the Gold task lads

The Gold task is still on for those want to jump in :+1:

Hello. I’m having problem with the clawback address for choice on testate. can I get any help as regards that?

Yes. What is the specific problem you are facing? The best place to get help is probably Discord, but you can post code or errors here as well and I’ll do my best to help!

Thanks so much.

The Problem is, I am trying to start a new voting process and the function that resets the votes uses a clawback address to send the choice in the candidate’s address back to the escrow’s address(Revocking Assets).

I generated random address for the clawback which I believe is wrong because the clawback address has to be the one set by the asset creator while creating the asset. so running the reset_vote function throws an error and says the clawback address is not allowed to revoke transactions.

This is the code error below:

raise error.AlgodHTTPError(json.loads(e)["message"], code)

Will also post this on discord so you can see and respond on time.

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My intuition here is that if you don’t have the clawback address mnemonic, then you won’t be able to run the clawback function with the specific asset. You could create a new TestNet asset to run the function.


But, you are running the function with this address: 2UM6QNIORCWQUE4R3YY2RYOQ4VHEXVVUOS3RB3OF5X5X6AQIST7CEBOFZY

You could change the clawback address in the code, such that you have control of the clawback’s mnemonic. In which case, the code will work.

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Was planning on creating a new Asset on TestNet but didn’t know if that would be allowed.

But I know now that I can go ahead to create a testNet Asset to run the whole voting process.

I would go on to create a testNet Asset for this

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Can I just use the mnemonic of the candidate accounts to send back the choice to the escrow address instead??

I am generating random addresses for the candidates and I also have control over the mnemonic. I could just modify the code to send from the decision/candidates address instead of setting up a new asset.

I also figured I do not have permissions to send messages on the Gold badge channel.

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