Covid-19 Data Project and py script for survey transaction download!

Hey all,

Just made a public repo dedicated to understanding IReport-Covid survey data from the Algorand Blockchain in Python, along with a py script to bulk download survey transactions and demo notebooks to decode the embedded notes. If anyone wants to help make a frontend website to display survey statistics and maybe an interactive map, let me know!


Thanks @zalkikar!

For those who come to this page, @zalkikar wrote a solution about his project on the new developer website:

Join the fight against COVID–19 by sharing your health status at Your self-report helps build iReport-COVID, the world’s first open database for understanding COVID-19. Share your status even if symptom-free, update when your status changes, and please spread the word.
iReport-Covid is now available in many languages.

Spread the word to help fight COVID-19!

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