xGov-19 Algorand Foundation market operations dashboard

Author Sot Papasot (papasotiriou)

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Focus Area Analytics

Open-Source Yes

ALGO Requested 4000

A dashboard that monitors the Algorand foundation market operations in 2023 that updates daily.

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If the Foundation is releasing regular transparency reports, do we need this?

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This was my first thought, although I wouldn’t mind live coverage from a 3rd party so long as the coverage was comprehensive, well organized, and well-presented. Currently this project doesn’t seem to encompass enough of that to catch my eye. That said, the amount requested is relatively low and I can see supporting it if more information was visualized and more transactions from the labeled wallets from both Inc and AF were being actively tracked, sorted, and visually presented in the UX more like the way AlgoObserver recently updated to allow for different categories or the way algorandstats differentiates and allows tracking of different sorts of transactions (eligibility/ineligibility) for Gov wallets. The comparisons aren’t exact. Obviously the types of transactions being tracked and labeled would be different, but you get the point hopefully.

yes since we have to wait on the foundation to publish these transports (quarterly) and when you read those you dont get any txs that proof those statements in there, you would have to dig yourself. i like the idea of having the option to go to that website and get all the information updated (almost) in real time

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I like the Idea, but you should take it 10 steps further. Make this a one stop dashboard for all things algorand and you have my vote.

So the selling point for crypto and blockchain is that it’s decentralized, transparent, everything that happens is recorded on chain and any user can track and trace and find all or any info they are looking for on chain right? BUT THIS SOUNDS MUCH EASIER TO DO THAN IT ACTUALLY IS for the average human. (For a nerd, geek, developers, computer experts - its a walk in the park no doubt, but you need to focus on the majority who aren’t nerds, geeks, etc.)

ISSUE: Most humans (the majority) don’t know how to get things done on their own - this is the main reason why people are willing and happy to pay a centralized firm to handle all their problems for them. Users don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to look up something historically, say a specific transaction, a specific LP which was added or removed, etc. or If I want to know the sequence of a specific transaction amount, I have to go through the thousands of pages on Algoexplorer and break it all down on my own - Its so damn annoying. I don’t have time for this. Many ppl don’t have time for this.

Furthermore, It’s so confusing to analyze the data on algoexplorer or etherscan or any explorer on any chain for that matter - Crypto is so transparent and everything is recorded on chain but yet it takes way too much time to actually go check and search and figure out how to lookup anything so it sort of defeats the purpose of using it in the first place (for the avg human that is. And the world is made up majority of avg humans).

Basically create a dashboard where users can track and trace everything and anything and they can actually see and use the benefit of crypto and it’s transparency. Incorporate Chatgpt while you at it. So we can just ask the question and the algoexplorer gives you the answer right away instantly.

Crypto is selling transparency but nobody knows where to even start looking and verifying anything. You can even set up a subscription model, pay 10 algos a month and use the dashboard for free etc.

Making life easy for users is what will bring mass adoption. If you can execute this, the algo ecosystem will grow exponentially faster.


Not the owner of this topic, nor the proposal. But have you looked at our product Chaintrail.io? We effectively already cover many of your proposed ideas, but there are still plenty more to uncover/add of course (like full historic txn insights).

Always open for more feedback!


I 100% support this one for web3 transparency