Data directory for mainnet data loading changes out of control


I changed the data directory of Algorand from “/var/lib/algorand” to another directory on another disk before starting the algod service to commence the data syncing of mainnet on my VM.
However, while the archival is set to true in the config.json file and the algod service was downloading the mainnet data on the VM, after 2 weeks I noticed that, out of control the data directory changed back to the default version: /var/lib/algorand.
Then I had to stop the algod service and map the new directory in the algorand.service file.

This problem occurred also after the node loaded all the mainnet data while the algod service and the indexer was running in archival mode.

How can I prevent this out of control data directory change problem?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you!

How did you change the data directory?
Did you change it in the systemd service script?