Questions around wallet instructions

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When installing with DEB or RPM packages the binaries will be installed in the /usr/bin and the data directory will be set to /var/lib/algorand. It is advisable in these installs that you add the following export to your shell config files.

export ALGORAND_DATA=~/var/lib/algorand

…Given the default data directory is /var/lib/algorand the above export variable command looks wrong.

shouldn’t it be export ALGORAND_DATA=/var/lib/algorand?
and NOT /home/user/var/lib/algorand (~/var/lib/algorand)

…and second question 2) …if I want to create a wallet for mainnet do I still need to create a private network as per: ?

  1. Great catch! Thanks for reporting.
  2. No, the commands will be the same but the network will be MainNet so your data directory should be wherever you installed your data directory. For example, it may be -d data. For DEB/RPM this would be -d /var/lib/algorand