Confused as to where you get the <name_of_node_wallet> <name_of_node_data_directory> and <your_account_address>

I am unsure what the required data is and where I would find it? I run a node and have a wallet with algo held in it.

your_account_address: I am unaware of what account this would be? Only thing I have signed up for is my wallet.
name_of_node_wallet: Would this be my personal algo wallet address?
name_of_node_data_directory: im guessing ~/node/data.

Is this anywhere near to what is required?

goal asset create --asseturl “Coxinha - Wikipedia” --creator “FZL5UX6S5RYLMZBLMEUSPOIQVCFJSFTISVFNEMNOPIG7VGXFR5UGYGBARE” --decimals 0 --name “Coxinha” --note “I have completed my tutorial on ASA creation using goal!” --total 1 --unitname CXNHA --datadir “~/node/data” --wallet “StevenFisher”

This command is assuming you are running a node and you have your account stored in the goal / kmd wallet.

See Algorand Developer Docs how to create a a wallet and an account with kmd (select the goal tab for each of them). You can also import an account from its mnemonic.

Disclaimer: Typing passphrases and private keys on a computer may open you to attacks that are not possible otherwise. Algorand makes no representations regarding the functioning or security of third party wallets, exchanges, or tools mentioned in the answer above, and disclaims any liability therefor. You are fully responsible for the security and the availability of your keys.

Regarding name_of_node_data_directory, if you followed Algorand Developer Docs, then it is:

  • with Debian package: /var/lib/algorand
  • with the script: ~/node/data
    I think it is often simpler to set the environment variable ALGORAND_DATA and omit -d .... See top of Algorand Developer Docs
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Thanks for the great reply fabrce. I do run a node currently. SO am I right in saying that the account/wallet needs to be set up through goal before the script that I wrote above will work?

If you are not running a node, you cannot use goal directly for that purpose.
Note that it is easy to run a node on your own computer: Algorand Developer Docs

If you do not want to run a node, you need to either use or use API calls.
To use API calls, you need to follow these tutorials:

  1. Choose an API service: Algorand Developer Docs
  2. Choose a language (JS, Java, Go, Python) and learn how to connect to the API service: Algorand Developer Docs
  3. Understand how to send normal transactions: Algorand Developer Docs
  4. Learn how to create your token: Algorand Developer Docs