Create and Manage a Non-Fungible ASA from the Command Line Using goal

I try to Create and Manage a Non-Fungible ASA from the Command Line Using goal command ( goal asset create --asseturl “Coxinha - Wikipedia” --creator <your_address> --decimals 0 --name “Coxinha” --note “I have completed my tutorial on ASA creation using goal!” --total 1 --unitname CXNHA --datadir <your_directory> --wallet <your_wallet_name>).but I got this error
output:-error ( Wallet ‘your_wallet_name’ not found )

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You need to replace <your_wallet_name> by the name of your kmd wallet.
You can list those using:

goal wallet list

You may need to add the flag -d <your_data_directory, where <your_data_directory> is replaced by your actual data directory.

Note also that the creator address <your_address> must be inside the wallet. You can check the list of accounts in your wallet using:

goal account list -w <your_wallet_name>`

(and again you may need to add the flag -d <your_data_directory.

PS: To make it easier to read code, please write it inside triple backquote ``` ``` or single backquote ` `

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Hi.l got this type of error…help to rectify it Create and Manage a Non-Fungible ASA from the Command Line Using goal | Algorand Developer Portal

There is nothing wrong with your command, I created this coin on testnet:

$ ./goal asset create --asseturl "Coionxha wikipedia" --creator E5NKXWLV4FA2REGKZNI7ODZW2QSYP7IWVPBFADK2XVMYCJK7VVBTAFVOUE --decimals 0 --name "Coinxha" --note "I have completed my tutorial on ASA creation using goal!" --total 1 --unitname CXNHA --datadir data_testnet --wallet w1
Please enter the password for wallet 'w1': 
Transaction DI5C6ITPWIZQ3QYJNKXTU72HU2JRHSHV6AVCCTN7WBV273XRS2WQ still pending as of round 14569689
Transaction DI5C6ITPWIZQ3QYJNKXTU72HU2JRHSHV6AVCCTN7WBV273XRS2WQ committed in round 14569691
Created asset with asset index 16021377
Created Assets:
	ID 16021377, Coinxha, supply 1 CXNHA, Coionxha wikipedia
Held Assets:
	ID 16021377, Coinxha, balance 1 CXNHA
Created Apps:
Opted In Apps:

From your screenshots, there are two distinct issues:

  1. The asset url is too long. Asset URLs are limited to 32 bytes, whereas your asset url is 36 byte.
  2. The “invalid: asset transaction not supported” is expected when you send an assert transaction to a network that does’t support assets. My guess is that you’re running a local private network, and you’ve used an older consensus protocol when creating it.
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Another explanation for the second issue is that you are using TestNet but are not synced yet. You can check if you’re synced by running goal node status -d ....
The Sync Time should be 0.0s and the last committed block should match the one of (or depending on the network).

Also, please copy-paste your error within triple backquotes ``` ``` rather than taking a screnshot to help users search for this issue in the future.

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Hi , where we create the address and wallet name?? Which mean data directory? Please give a clear explanations

The article you referred to started with these requirements:

If you do not want to run a node yourself, you still can create ASA, using JavaScript and PureStake API, for example.

But perhaps the easiest would be to create your first ASA manually, using for example. Here you can create your wallet and accounts (“addresses”). After getting some Algos, you can also create NFTs. (ASAs with max 1 unit available at a time)