Delegate and remove the need to sign every transaction with my wallet

Hi everyone,

Is there any way I can permanently or at least on a per session basis, remove or delegate the need to sign every transaction with my wallet.
This way, for example, I would, at the beginning of my web session, sign a transaction for a specific asset and after that, I could do as many transactions as I want without the need to sign every single one of them.

I don’t know any wallet that currently supports this feature.

Which wallet are you using?

Delegated logicsig (aka stateless smart contracts) can help provide such a functionality in a quite secure way. But it would still require some wallet support.

Right now I am using MyAlgoWallet, so this is a wallet functionality and not something I can code into my app?

Your app may generate a public/secret key pair and a delegated logicsig that allows this public/secret key pair to sign specific type of transactions.
Then you may ask MyAlgoWallet to sign this delegated logicsig.

However, this is a bit cumbersome and few users may accept signing blindly such a delegated logicsig.