Signing delegated signatures with Ledger

I’m trying to sign a teal program as a delegated signature with a Ledger (hardware wallet) account.
I can’t find a way neither with goal nor the SDK.
Any suggestion?

Thank you!

What do you mean delegated signature?

When you create account, you can rekey to another account… You can just create txn object with from and to to any address and sign with any other account (which it is rekeyed to)

Or perhaps you mean the multisig?

@joe-p This would potentially be relevant to the concept you built for delegated logic signatures to opt into ASAs. Do we know if there is a way to sign these with a Ledger hardware wallet?

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Unfortunately ledger right now does not support signing anything other than transactions, so delegated logic signatures are not possible with a ledger-based account (or any account that’s rekeyed to a ledger).

I imagine once wallets adopt templated lsigs in general and more ecosystem projects start to use lsigs there will be a push for ledger to support them.

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