Deleting an Asset?

Hi all, relatively new to crypto and Algorand.
I’m working on developing my first asset for a project. When I first created the asset I mistakenly created it with a supply of 1, when i was intending it to be 1 billion. (I think it’s because I had commas between the 0’s.

I was able to delete/destroy the asset, but it is still showing up on the list of assets when I search for it in the wallet.

My question is: will it always show up on the asset list? I’d like to re-create an asset with the same name and a supply of 1 billion as intended, but i’d like to avoid confusion if the two assets will show up on the asset list.

Welcome to Algorand!

Are you talking about the official Algorand Wallet ( or another wallet?

Talking about the official algorand wallet.
I created an asset called DRAMCOIN. I then deleted it, and created another asset with the same name. But looks like the deleted one is still showing up on the wallet.
Both can be found if you toggle from “Verified” to “All” when searching for the asset in the asset list

I would like to join in: I checked it on Android Algorand Wallet – ok, I see now that this is the “official” wallet – and also see that the “deleted” assets are listed after the destroy. I checked this behaviour on Testnet.

This is a known issue, and we’ll be updating this in the upcoming releases. Thanks!

Thank you for the response Ian!