ASA deletion and related issue and also verifying an ASA

Hello all,

  1. I have created 4 ASA and then after some testing i just deleted 3 of them but in mobile wallet it is showing all the 4 ASA even after deletion of the ASA.

    In the above image , after the first one all the others was deleted but showing it again in mobile walleyt.

  2. How can i change an asa to verified one.

Hi there,

Just to verify, when you say you deleted the assets, you’re talking about in another tool actually deleting the ASAs (via goal or an SDK)?

If the above is the case, then this is an issue. If you could provide that confirmation (and/or additional details) we can start digging in.


Also, just FYI I see your emails to the wallet support channel. I closed them there since we’re started disucssing here. If you’d like to send any sensitive info feel free to send a new email.

used the sdk to delete the asset with the asset id.