How to Verify our ASA. Can Someone Provide the Procedure

We Have had our ASA verified on AlgoExplorer by RandLabs, but Been Trying to Contact Algorand for How to Verify our ASA. We have sent about 5 different mails, but no response. Can someone show us how to get Our ASA verified by Algorand?

I am sorry for this.

Have you tried New process to validate ASAs ?

Thank you.

And no for this: " New process to validate ASAs ?"

We are just seeing that for the First time.

Thanks for the prompt response, As if you know we are behind time in our project. Really Appreciate.

Good day Fabrice,
Thanks for the link, and we just went to the link, this one: “ASA Validation Request - Algorand Official Wallet” and the information there was almost a… so could you look at it, for the timeline for the feedback has elapsed about a month ago.

Yeah they stopped the verifications and are about to release a new process Pera Wallet ASA Verification Program | by Pera Wallet | Mar, 2022 | Pera Wallet