ASA Verification 1066698547

As I Try diligently to get an ASA Verified I feel like an outsider not welcomed. ASA 1066698547 has been rejected because URL is not a website.
Question: where is the Definition of what is a website ?

on April 13 2023 I attended the ALGO house NYC event trying to get further answers to only get further confusion.

Question: Is the link below a website?

:point_up_2: this one
Question: Is this link below a website?

Further actions we took to clarify the situation being pro active trying to comply with what seems to be not very clear guidelines

Please advise on what can be done Thank you in advance.

Thank you
Timothy A Grimaldi
Laila sky inc
Lskyinc LLC
Elite fabrication
Twitter @1LQQK2


Where did you try to register your ASA as verified?
Is it for Or PeraWallet? Or some other place?

Which process did you follow?

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