New process to validate ASAs

Algorand Inc put in place a new process to validate ASA in the official Algorand wallet:

Note that this validation process is independent of the validation process on If you want your asset to be validated on, contact Randlabs via Algorand (ALGO) Blockchain Explorer

Finally, if you are planning to create an asset/ASA, we strongly encourage you to follow one of the two official standards for assets on Algorand: ARC-3 or ARC-69. All ARCs can be found there: GitHub - algorandfoundation/ARCs: Algorand Requests for Comments


UPDATE: Pera Wallet ASA Verification Program | by Pera Wallet | Mar, 2022 | Pera Wallet

AlgoExplorer verification process: How do I verify my asset or application with AlgoExplorer’s Login System for Creators? | by Pablo Yabo | Rand Labs | May, 2022 | Medium

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