Request for better asset verification/representation

Is there a better asset verification and representation explorer api on Algorand for projects to publish their asset infos and use that query data in their apps?

So like, I have come across Algoexplorer but the asset verification takes a lot of time, its two weeks time and still an asset I published for verification on testnet is pending with no info availed.

This especially hurts projects that want to use, for example, that asset verification feature so that they can display asset info(including symbols etc.) on their apps in the UI/UX, like someone building a wallet, and also wrapping their own API around the queried data etc. I am trying to get assets verified so that my developer team can build out around this to query this data in an app as well as the assets’ payload

Also, the asset reputation/verification from Algoexplorer, which happens to be the only one out there, is really poorly judged in all honesty. There is, for example, an insistence on having a project using social media. What if a project’s users are not on social media, and have their own market, their own way of engaging with their users, their own community, are they not allowed to get their assets verified ? There is also the insistence on being backed by reputable investors, what if a project is not an investment offering? There is also the insistence to be listed on a Centralized Exchange in order to progress in status, what if a project uses other forms of liquidity, has no association with exchanges and has different infrastructure, for example some projects do have their own offchain KYC partners, their own liquidity providers, their own infrastructure in general, are they barred from getting their assets verified?

Could the current asset verification process be much fairer, nuanced, developer-friendly and easy to rely on? I imagine there are better ways to verify projects like looking for a limited entity behind it and many others, cause I just don’t get the logic of how a project being so good on social media makes it go through the asset verification process quicker.

Or are there other explorers building something better and easier, especially one that can display asset info and data easier with less barriers on third party apps? Or are there any improvements coming soon to the Algoexplorer to make the process easier and quicker?