Questions about TestNet and Updating ASA Tokens

Hi everyone!

Long time developer, but new to Algorand and blockchain - but absolutely loving that I can work with Algorand using languages I’m already familiar with.

I’m sure these may be newb/basic questions - so apologies - but I’ve hit a couple roadblocks and any help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. I created an ASA token and pushed it to the TestNet - however, no matter what image I use for the Token Image, AlgoExplorer is defaulting to the default image. The image is in bytes. Does the TestNet not support images or am I doing something wrong?
  2. I pushed an ASA Token to TestNet, and then wanted to modify the configuration (changing decimals from 0 to 2). The reconfig transaction went through (Algorand Transaction), but on the main asset page, it is still showing decimals as “0” (Algorand) - where did I go wrong?

Big thanks in advanced!

  1. The images displays is manually updated by the company behind when you verify the asset.
  2. You cannot change the decimals once the ASA is created. The only fields that can be changed are the 4 addresses (clawback, freeze, manager, reserve).

Note that if you want your asset to be later (in a short-term future) recognized by all platforms, it is highly recommended to follow ARC-3: ARCs/ at main · algorandfoundation/ARCs · GitHub

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Thank you! I appreciate the help.

Very helpful post. quite informative.