Deploying Algorand as an Ethereum rollup

I’m curious if there have been any experimentation toward deploying Algorand as a L2 rollup on Ethereum.

By the looks of it, Algorand seems to have built-in support for state proofs, so I gather that it should not be hard to launch Algorand as a rollup. Does this make sense?

The other concern is on the legal front. I understand that the Algorand code base is patented. But based on the COPYING_FAQ document, I also understand that it’s fine to fork Algorand as long as the new code is released under AGPL. Thus the question: can Algorand be forked and deployed a rollup without prior permission if the rollup’s code is released as AGPL?

Since we don’t yet have ZK SNARK proofs the state proofs are currently too heavy to compute on-chain for ETH. Right now one could use Algorand as an optimistic ETH L2 but you would need to figure out how to handle fraud proofs.

Given that Algorand has quick rounds times with instant finality, rolling-up to ETH would seem a bit counter productive unless you trust ETH’s long-term security model over Algorand’s long-term security model.

And yes, provided that the code is open-sourced under AGPL you are free to fork and use the existing codebase however you’d like.