xGov-28 Algorand SVM Chain Proposal Technical Deep Dive

Author Neel Somani, David Lin, Grant Gerber, Veronica, Pratham Prasoon (@PrasoonPratham)

Category Tools

Focus Deployment

Open-Source Yes

ALGO Requested 321135


Eclipse offers rollups-as-as-service, so that developers can deploy customized app chains for their projects without worrying about infrastructure, security, or reliability.

Eclipse wants to build out a SVM rollup for Algorand deployed on Algorand’s in-house Data Availability option. There are two provocative aspects to the Algorand SVM chain:

  1. The first-ever rollup deployed to Algorand
  2. A Solana virtual machine execution layer, so Solana programs can deploy to Algorand

This proposal will cover a detailed roadmap with milestones, and benefits for the community. A technical deep dive on the architecture of the rollup in the additional information part.

Link for details

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  1. to be sure: the gas fees on the SVM rollup would be paid in a “bridged” version of ALGO?

  2. the standard solana wallets could be used on the SVM rollup?

  3. have you launched SVM rollups on other chains already?

  1. That is correct!
  2. Yes - as of right now, we are working with Backpack but we are working on integrating with other ones atm
  3. Yes we have - feel free to take a look at Cascade if you’d like to poke around the docs

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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