Developer Preview: Algorand Indexer 2.16.0-pre2


This is a preview release of (1) Conduit, the new modular plugin system for accessing data from the chain and (2) a version of the Indexer that uses Conduit.

Conduit is composed of importer, processor, and exporter plugins. This preview introduces the framework and includes some initial plugins created by Algorand (conduit: Initial conduit pipeline tool. by winder · Pull Request #1326 · algorand/indexer · GitHub). Please see the blog post for more information.

  • Conduit is backwards compatible with the preexisting Indexer service, and current Indexer runners should see no impact
  • We are publishing this release as a preview to best ensure current Indexer runners have time to review the new system, test it, and later adopt it with little to no impact
  • We are asking the community to preview Conduit, experiment with the plugins, and try creating their own
  • We are seeking feedback related to bugs, usability, features, and documentation (to do so, join the newly created Discord channel #conduit-preview, which will stay open for a few weeks)

NOTE: this is a preview release and is subject to change so experiment but this is not yet ready for production. We will communicate when we are closer to the release date.


New Features



New Contributors

Full Changelog: Comparing 2.15.0...2.16.0-pre2 · algorand/indexer · GitHub