Algorand Indexer v3.4.0 and Conduit v1.6.0 Updates

Algorand Indexer v3.4.0 and Conduit v1.6.0 were published 1/3/2024.

These releases support upcoming go-algorand 3.21, which itself includes a consensus upgrade. Runners will have to upgrade their indexer/conduit installs in order to remain on the network once the upgrade goes into effect.

Conduit v1.6.0 Release v1.6.0 · algorand/conduit · GitHub
Indexer v3.4.0 Release v3.4.0 · algorand/indexer · GitHub

We recommend upgrading conduit and indexer in advance of the go-algorand release.


Indexer v3 uses Conduit for data loading. This is a change from the 2.x version (no longer supported as of November 1, 2023), which managed data loading internally. See our Using Conduit to Populate an Indexer Database tutorial for more information on how to use Conduit.