Domain Name Services

Hello Algorand community .

I have been in a worry about the action of Algorand blockchain OG’s regarding how the promote NFD name service and ignore ANS.

This two name service where created to broaden the adoption of Algorand blockchain and non should be ignored. And should be promoted and supported.

Algorand Name should take the lead just like ENS and Unstoppable domain on ethereum.

IMHO, it’s unfortunate but inevitable for the ecosystem to choose one domain name service. Imagine immense confusion when the same name is served by two different domain name services, resulting into two different identities - this is going to be a disaster.

That said, NFD is much better than ANS in many aspects. Some examples include:

  • On ANS, you don’t own names; you must renew them yearly - I guess majority of people would not like this approach.
  • NFD has much better tech and user experience; in fact, I find NFD better than ENS in terms of the end-to-end user experience.
  • The ANS team is virtually non-existent.

This is not an excuse.

  1. ANS was the first to be built, and the algorand foundation supported the development at the beginning and then slides on.

  2. ANS is not the only subscribe-able name service on the blockchain all name service before ANS are yearly subscribed including 90% of them.

I think this was a formation developed by Agorand OG’s to counter ANS and bring more support to NFD.

I known the story.

If you know the story, then why are you asking? ANS is a bare bones service, borderline vaporware, the only thing they got from the Algorand Foundation was a student hack-a-thon type grant. What they built is essentially useless with no integrations. Did all of us Algorand OGs rally around NFD? Yes. Because ANS was a bad project and NFD was an elite-level project, the best domain name service on any blockchain that I’ve seen. Patrick, John, Gabe also all participate and host plenty of spaces, are active in the community, are avid Algorand supporters, and are at the forefront of developing DNS for Algorand, ANS meanwhile focused most of their effort on paying for fake twitter followers and integrating with their only real partner in Rand Gallery because they have some weird vendetta against NFD. If ANS wanted to run in parallel they could easily have tried to use .algorand or .crypto instead of .algo and it wouldn’t have been messy. They chose to compete and lost.

Your reply sounds bloody, do you know the true meaning of decentralization and what it takes to win and build on a blockchain like algorand?

First, for a hack to be approved, the desired project is presented by the competing developer, therefore consent is given to the algorand OG’s and community right? Or do algorand hackathons happen without the consent of the OGs and community?

All projects built on algorand promote the ecosystem and create adoptions no matter what way it is represented.

If the algorand community claims to be decentralized, then there is a problem with the acts of OG’s like you.

Behind the scenes, centralized systems are practiced on algorand, no doubt, it’s a spit on the face of a decentralized community. ANS will strive no matter the hate coming from the inside.

How do you feel about projects paying people to support them?

How do you feel with the hate? Paid promotion isn’t an enemy to decentralization.

The name is: algorand name service, is a representation of algorand dapp.
They made a paid promotion not just for the project, but also promotes the already enriched ecosystem.

What do they get? hatred for being first, with no funds to create better on-chain and off-chain app.

I feel great, because here in this discussion we have:

Me: I have not made a single dollar from NFD, in fact, I’ve paid them a few hundred dollars to get my DNS names, supporting NFD purely for its tech, relationship in the community, and its hard work.

You: You got paid by ANS, and you’re argument is they weren’t given the same amount of grant money.

Lol, I’m not paid dude, ANS is a community governed project wish I choose to support and ain’t stop here.

This is a screenshot of an article you’ve written where you are admitting to be paid by ANS. Can you link me to the ANS DNS name you own?

I’m not against NFD either… I’m against your hatred for ANS.

Is there a rule that states how many decentralized app can be built on algorand?

This article is sponsored by ans… Sponsorship can be made on any form. If you want me to list types of sponsorships I will.

My name is my address, lol

henry.algo is yours?

One last word for you, you know nothing called everything and you know nothing coming tomorrow.

So you don’t own henry.algo?

Will your hatred vanquish if I tell you my name?

Will algorand OG’s do the right thing?

Well you said it was your name, and you dont own henry.algo or henryndubuisi.algo, so I wanted to see if you even owned an ANS name.

I don’t answer question for question?

So you don’t even use ANS, got it. Thread Closed

If you’re going at analysis just as performed. Knowing my name wouldn’t be an issue.