Early Backers vesting question

Does anyone know how many Algos have been vested so far from the accelerated vesting program? How many remain?

The last transparency report indicate this up to March 31:

Many thanks, Fabrice! I actually came across this report after posting here (apologies for not finding it earlier). As I understand the report, over half of the “relay node” vesting has occurred now, thanks to accelerated vesting, and the schedule now ends sometime in 2023. Is that your understanding?

A user posted a graph they created in the Telegram: Contact @algorand_price telegram channel which shows the impact of the accelerated vesting.

Very cool. Thank you, Patrick. Just estimating, but it looks like there may be like 1.2 billion Algo left to distribute if the upper chart is correct? Seems like most of the inflationary pain is (close to) over.

I wonder if the Foundation is considering amending the schedule since so much was released early this year. I’m not an economist by any means, so I don’t know if that would be preferable for long-term growth.

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On chain transactions are growing slowly the 60 days, only this week hitting 1.2M daily. The current low price might suggest that the turnover should be increased before they release more tokens